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Background to the Generals’ Atlantic Escalation

Sept. 8, 2020 (EIRNS)—Former Virginia State Senator Richard Black’s chilling account to the Schiller Institute conference on Sept. 5 concerning the attempt to mobilize the military to overthrow President Donald Trump if he wins the election, formed the backdrop for the President’s comments in his Labor Day press conference, that the generals hate him but the enlisted men love him for ending wars.

Senator Black’s statement, posted on LaRouchePAC and LaRouchePAC YouTube videos to drive traffic back to the Schiller Institute’s first panel, has almost 4,000 views after 24 hours. Black argues that those involved are violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and should be investigated, prosecuted in the case of an Aug. 11 publication in Defense One, and otherwise immediately reprimanded by Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Since Thursday night, Sept. 3rd, an escalation has occurred in the full-scale information warfare operation aimed at undermining the President’s authority as Commander-in-Chief. The claim is that Donald Trump disrespected fallen troops, calling those who died in World War I, “fools” and “suckers” during his 2018 visit to Europe.

As is usual with these completely fabricated claims, the sources are anonymous and denied by every live witness on the scene including enemies of the President. The tool de jour for these black lies is The Atlantic magazine and its intelligence scribe Jeffrey Goldberg. Goldberg, as the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald documented on Twitter, was the main culprit in spreading the lie that Saddam Hussein was somehow associated with 9/11, a central fabrication in the justification of the disastrous war in Iraq.

As Senator Black notes, two retired military figures, Paul Yingling and John Nagl argued in a piece in Defense One on Aug. 11, that the President could defy the Constitution and attempt to stay in office beyond Jan. 20, 2021 even if he is defeated by former Vice President Joe Biden in November’s elections. In that case, they argue, the military should intervene to escort Trump from the White House. Their idea that Trump would refuse to leave office after the election is constitutionally decided, resulting in a military necessity to act, is a fantasy, but it kicked off the second round of intense anti-Trump softening-up operations within the military.

The current information warfare op began, at least conspicuously, with a PR and influence operation involving former Generals Colin Powell, James Mattis, John Kelly, David Petraeus, and Stanley McChrystal which nullified the President’s ability to use troops to quell the violent June riots in Washington, D.C. McChrystal is presently using military information warfare techniques, used in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the political action committee, Defeat Disinfo, a PAC dedicated to defeating Trump.

Defense One is not some typical Beltway government journal. It is owned by the same partnership which owns The Atlantic. The key figure is Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs, and a major financial angel to Senator Kamala Harris throughout her career.

This seditious operation occurs as the key anarchist group coordinating riots nationally, Refuse Fascism, kicked off 60 days of “resistance” leading into the election and the Canadian anarchist group Blackspot Collective/Adblockers, declared that on Sept. 17th it would begin laying siege to the White House.

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