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Pompeo Is Ready To Go to the Brink over ‘Substantial Chance’ That Russians Poisoned Navalny

Sept. 10, 2020 (EIRNS)—The latest from the ubiquitous Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is his assertion in an interview on the Ben Shapiro Show podcast that “there is a substantial chance that this [the Navalny ‘poisoning’] actually came from senior Russian officials.” “Substantial chance”?

Here is what Pompeo alleged:

“I think people all around the world see this kind of activity for what it is. And when they see the effort to poison a dissident, and they recognize that there is a substantial chance that this actually came from senior Russian officials, I think this is not good for the Russian people. I think it’s not good for Russia.” Pompeo then said the U.S. will “do our best to come to a conclusion about who was responsible too.” The U.S. is looking into the matter “very seriously,”

adding that he had no reason to doubt German results—which were of course provided by the British lab Porton Down.

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