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Trump Begins Campaign Swing to Three Western States

Sept. 13, 2020 (EIRNS)—On Saturday, Sept. 12, President Donald Trump began a three-day campaign swing which will take him to Nevada, Arizona and California. In Nevada, he spoke for about 90 minutes on Saturday at the airport in Minden-Tahoe, an hour south of Reno, after his plans to hold campaign rallies at the Reno and Las Vegas airports were canceled by authorities, because of a state pandemic rule that prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people. In Las Vegas, Trump will host a roundtable discussion with Latino supporters today and then rally supporters at a construction-equipment manufacturing facility in Henderson this evening. On Monday, Sept. 14, he will go to Phoenix, where he will also have a roundtable discussion with Latino supporters. After that he heads to California, to get a briefing on the wildfires.

No transcription of the Minden speech is available at this writing. According to press accounts, about 5,000 gathered to hear Trump speak. “It’s a rigged election,” Trump said; “that’s the only way we’re going to lose.” He called Nevada Democratic Governor Sisolak “a political hack” who controls “millions of votes” in the state. “The governor of your state tried very hard to stop us from having this event. Now he’s in charge of the election and millions of ballots, so if I’m up like millions of votes, he can rig the election.” As for Biden, Trump said: “Let’s face it: Joe is shot,” he said. “He doesn’t know what’s happening.” He said that, if Biden wins, Kamala Harris would be President “within a month.”

ABC quoted one new Trump supporter saying that he hadn’t voted for Trump last election, “But I will this time. I think he knows what he’s doing.... He’s pro-faith, pro-life, he’s made more peace in the world. Biden can’t even talk.” ABC admits: “Some Democrats fear a possible Trump momentum gain in Nevada, with the President showing increasing support from Latinos and non-college educated white voters, two important constituencies in the state.”

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