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Trump Oversees Signing of ‘Abraham Accords’ among Israel, U.A.E. and Bahrain, Says More Nations To Join

Sept. 15, 2020 (EIRNS)—At the White House this afternoon, President Donald Trump presided over a ceremony in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) represented by Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan, and a declaration of peace with Bahrain, represented by its Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid al Zayan. Describing the event as “historic,” Trump announced that very soon several other countries will sign onto the agreement, either before the November elections or right afterwards. The agreement lays the basis for security and a lasting peace in the Middle East, he said, “a peace without blood”—a way to address the problem not through the back door but through “the smart door.”

What eventually comes out of this agreement remains to be seen, particularly in the context of global financial and strategic crises in which conflicts and related economic destruction derived from British geopolitical doctrine are rampant. Southwest Asia is fraught with crises, as seen in Yemen, the Gaza Strip, Syria and Iraq. But Trump was upbeat, insisting that the problems of the region would be resolved, because countries such as Saudi Arabia would eventually sign on, and that a solution to status of Palestine would also be forthcoming. Both Arab speakers underscored the necessity of establishing a “two-state solution” for Palestine and Israel, which Bahrain’s Foreign Minister insisted must be “the bedrock of any peace.”

In remarks before his bilateral meeting with Netanyahu, Trump said he thought Iran would want to sign the peace treaty with Israel, and that it would end Tehran’s “tough time.” “I want Iran to be a great country, a great nation. I think that would be a wonderful thing,” he said. After the election, he went on, “I’m going to make a deal that’s great for Iran. It’s going to get them back. We’re going to help them in every way possible. And Iran will be very happy. Iran will be very rich and very quickly.” Asked about brokering a deal with Palestine, he replied, “Yeah, I think they’d come along.”

Netanyahu, while gushing praise for the agreements, couldn’t resist mentioning “the tyrants of Tehran,” more than once, cackling that this new agreement will box them in.

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