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Pompeo To Meet the Pope, Demand Vatican End Its China Connections

Sept. 25, 2020 (EIRNS)—Secretary Mike Pompeo, known as Caesar Pompeo to many, has been spending every day attacking some new institution or country for the horrible crime of working with China to bring development to the world. Having instructed state legislators this week to crack down on Chinese offers of investment and infrastructure development, and keeping the malign Chinese Americans out of PTA meetings, he is now going for the Catholic Church—ne, the Pontiff himself. On Sunday the Übermensch will travel to Italy, Greece, and Croatia, with a visit to the Vatican to meet with His Holiness Pope Francis. While Pompeo has no problem with the Pope’s nature worship or his call for the collapse of progress in an effort to save the world from climate change, he is quite unhappy about the Vatican’s relationship to China.

On Sept. 18 Pompeo penned an article for First Things, the conservative religious journal, instructing the Vatican that its relations with China “endangers its moral authority” and must be stopped. The Vatican struck a deal with Beijing in 2018, resolving the issue of the appointment of bishops, with both sides having a say, and are now meeting to extend the agreement. A virtual deal with the Devil, declares Pompeo, since the Chinese Communist Party, he says, is out to “subordinate God to the Party while promoting Xi himself as an ultramundane deity.” The Pope appears to be unaware, he rants, of the “Communist Party’s horrific treatment of Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, Falun Gong devotees, and other religious believers,” including the Uighur Muslims. How does he know? Why, just read the “State Department’s 2019 annual report on religious freedom.”

There are some “free” Catholics in China, Pompeo observes—in Hong Kong, where the NED/Soros/State Department-funded “freedom fighters” Martin Lee and Jimmy Lai show what “good” Catholics do on behalf of Pompeo’s regime-change operations.

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