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The Atlantic Fears Electing Trump Will Be a ‘Disaster’ Like Henry Wallace!

Oct. 1, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Atlantic magazine, the rag which recently published a call for a military coup in the United States against President Donald Trump, has now published a warning that a second Trump term would be a disaster as serious as if Henry Wallace had still been Vice President when FDR died, and had become President Wallace rather than President Harry Truman.

Author Thomas Wright, a regular at The Atlantic and also a Senior Fellow at the neocon Brookings Institution, was called upon by Atlantic owner Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire Silicon Valley widow of Steve Jobs, to imagine a world without Harry Truman, as motivation for electing the criminal Joe Biden. Here is the operative section which closes his article:

“Looking back on U.S. diplomatic history, one of the great counterfactuals is what would have happened if Franklin D. Roosevelt had not replaced his Vice President Henry Wallace with Harry Truman in 1944. Wallace was sympathetic to the Soviet Union and became an ardent opponent of the Cold War. If he had become President when FDR died, in April 1945, the next half-century could have gone very differently—likely no NATO, no Marshall Plan, no alliance with Japan, no overseas troop presence, and no European Union.

“The U.S. is now teetering on another historically important moment. With Trump, we would not only be deprived of our Truman. We would be saddled with our Wallace—a leader whose instincts and actions are diametrically opposed to what the moment requires. With few remaining constraints and a vulnerable world, a re-elected Trump could set the trajectory of world affairs for decades to come.”

Imagine, he writes, what the world would have been like without Truman’s nuclear genocide against Japanese civilians, without the Red Scare hysteria of the McCarthy witch-hunt (better known as the Truman witch-hunt), without the Cold War. Oh how sad—!

One truthful moment in the genocidal monster’s diatribe: Trump doesn’t really believe in Pompeo’s effort to mobilize the world into a war on China, despite giving it some lip service. As Wright presents it:

“Trump has never personally endorsed the key argument of his National Security Strategy, about great-power competition—not even in his December 2017 remarks introducing the plan. He is currently very hawkish on China, but that is possibly because he sees his rhetoric as a way to deflect attention from his failures on the coronavirus. He is still more motivated by narrow trade and economic concerns than by broader geopolitical interests in the Indo-Pacific.”

Stop Trump, he whines, or we may not get our lovely little war with China.

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