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Thousands from ‘Unsilent Majority’ Rally in Washington against Coup To Overthrow the President

Oct. 5, 2020 (EIRNS)—LaRouche Political Action Committee’s deployment at the Saturday Oct. 3 “WalkAway” Rally in D.C.—An “Unsilent Majority March” was reported by LaRouchePAC activists. Four LaRouche organizers from Northern Virginia attended the rally from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The rally started at Freedom Plaza and marched to an open-air stage next to the Washington Monument. The LaRouche representatives estimated attendance at a minimum of 2,000; it may have gone considerably above that, with guest speakers including U.S. Congressmen, retired military, political commentators, celebrities, political activists, etc.

“From beginning to end, it was non-stop organizing,” they reported. “We got out over 900 copies of ‘How to Defeat a Color Revolution in the United States’ LaRouchePAC leaflets.” The leaflet, an LaRouchePAC daily lead of two weeks ago, detailed the coup forces’ efforts to: create a Constitutional crisis that would open the door to a military coup; the British geo-political war drive vs. Russia and China; and the LaRouche movement drive for U.S.-Russia-China cooperation “on the next levels of science and technology required to completely eliminate poverty and build bases on the Moon.”

People came from all over the country, their main objective being to support President Donald Trump’s re-election bid. There was only one counter-operation, where several Black Lives Matter extremists started a brawl within the crowd. This was quickly broken up by the Park Police and had no effect on the event. The fact that at least half of the guest speakers were of African-American descent probably didn’t help the BLM cause either. Several of the speakers were focussed on the narrative that the re-election of President Trump is critical to the survival of the Nation.

The LaRouche representatives were briefing people on how to defeat the coup on the President and the nation, emphasizing that success in defending the nation will largely depend on them taking responsibility by joining LaRouchePAC, so LaRouche’s movement can root out the British Empire shadow government coup, and implement the ideas of LaRouche. He was railroaded and imprisoned by the same cabal running the coup against President Trump. “Most people got that, and that it was much bigger than Democrat vs. Republican, and were able to think through the bigger picture of nation-state vs. empire.”

Some of the notable singularities reported, included a discussion with a Trump aide who was keenly aware of the LaRouchePAC movement and what it does, and the presence of several LaRouche supporters who made it known that they were contributing and with us.

The LaRouchePAC signs stated, “Stop the Fascist Coup against the President,” accompanied by a photo of Obama and Biden with a shared Hitler mustache. Another, new sign read: “Donald Can’t Do It by Himself.” All of the signboards included LaRouchePAC’s internet address. Many pictures and videos were taken of the signs; moreover a few organizers were interviewed for different podcasts. One notable sign from an unrelated rally participant, had the appropriate irony in conveying the sentiment of Trump voters: “I Would Rather Get COVID-19 Than BIDEN-20!”

The overall assessment was that it was an excellent deployment. The majority of the participants were very open, many wanted to stay in touch with LaRouche organizers, and were very passionate about fighting for President Trump’s re-election, and for the nation’s progress.

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