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Trump Calls Out Pompeo, Barr, for Blocking Release of Declassified Documents on the Coup

Oct. 8, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump used a phone interview with Fox TV’s Maria Bartiromo early this morning to escalate his withering attack on the Democrats and dirty elements in the intelligence community for initiating, and then covering up, the concerted campaign to overthrow his government over a period of at least 3½ years. And he was emphatic: It is well past time for the appropriate officials to take action against those who carried out “the biggest political crime in the history of our country.” Trump told Bartiromo: Unless Attorney General Bill Barr indicts the people involved, there will be little satisfaction for the American people—“unless I’m re-elected, because I won’t forget it.... These people should be indicted, and that includes Obama; it includes Biden.”

Trump exposed how Barr has been using the pretext that every last bit of information has to come out before indictments will be made. “They say that we have to have much more, and I say, Bill, we don’t need more. We’ve got plenty.” Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a 78-page report on former FBI Director James Comey, and recommended prosecution, but they didn’t prosecute “because they have much bigger fish to fry.” But they indicted General Flynn for lying, and he didn’t lie! They indicted Paul Manafort for a phony book which they made up! They destroyed so many lives over nothing! Trump declassified the documents a year ago for Bill Barr. “He’s got all the information he needs. They want to get more, more, more. They keep getting more. I said, ‘you don’t need any more,’ ” Trump insisted.

For the first time, the President named British snake Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who parades around claiming to be a Trump loyalist, as another official stalling needed action against the coup operation. Hillary Clinton’s infamous deleted emails “are in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo has been unable to get them out, which is very sad, actually,” Trump said. “I’m not happy about him for that reason. He was unable to get them out. I don’t know why. You’re running the State Department, you get them out.”

President Trump was taking no prisoners, in general. He wouldn’t say whether he would replace FBI Director Christopher Wray in his second administration, but complained that “he’s been disappointing” in his failure to investigate voter fraud. “He doesn’t see the voting ballots as a problem.” As for the Republicans in the Establishment killing the country, Trump was blunt: “Frankly, the Bush people, some of these losers that used to work for Bush, they’re worse than the Obama people.”

You know Trump hit a raw nerve, by even the headlines covering his interview: “Trump’s Feral Fox Interview Shows He Has Come Completely Undone,” wrote Slate; “Trump Calls In for Rambling and Ugly Post-Hospital Interview,” said CNN.

Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi today told reporters to come back Friday, because the Democrats are going to talk about activating the 25th Amendment against President Trump!

As for the Committee on Presidential Debates’ announcement that the next presidential debate will be virtual (each candidate at a different location), Trump nixed the idea as ridiculous, and said he would not participate. “I’m not going to do a virtual debate.” He added that the CPD and others are just trying to protect Joe Biden. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepian called it “pathetic,” and announced that Trump would hold a rally that day instead.

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