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New Jersey U.S. Judge OKs Counting Mail-In Ballots Two Days after the Election, Postmark or Not

Oct. 8, 2020 (EIRNS)—New Jersey Federal Judge Michael Shipp denied a request by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for a preliminary injunction against the state’s new mail-in voting rule, which permits counting ballots up to two days after the election is over, even if they don’t have a postmark dated from election day or earlier. The judge found that such a practice is within the state’s rights, and poses “no appreciable risk of canvassing untimely ballots.” Fox described in its coverage, however, that: “Meanwhile, the state is already experiencing problems, as some residents have received ballots meant for people who have moved out of the state and for deceased voters, but some election officials say they’re confident that anti-fraud measures will take care of it, according to local reports.”

Other ballot problems were big news in New Jersey yesterday. A Postal Service mail carrier was arrested for allegedly throwing a bunch of mail into a garbage dumpster: 1,875 pieces, to be specific, which included 99 general election ballots being mailed out to residents of Orange and West Orange, N.J.

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