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Trump at Florida Rally Blasts Witchhunt Plot: ‘We Got ’Em Cold! Stay Tuned!’

Oct. 13, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump was in full form, speaking for an hour at a rally at Orlando Sanford International Airport Monday evening, his first such campaign event since his Oct. 1 onset of COVID-19. He opened by fervently announcing that what he received in treatment will be distributed to all hospitals, “and everybody will have the same damn thing.” At a later point, obviously relishing being back in action after the last 11 days of virus and treatment, he looked out over the crowd and exulted, “I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, and I’ll give you all a big, fat kiss.... Thank you, Walter Reed, and Johns Hopkins University.” He said that our treatments now are “90% better than six months ago,” praised the vaccines and cures that are coming, and said, “I was very happy to take it.”

What came up repeatedly during his speech, which otherwise covered all his customary campaign points, from border protection, to military might, were references to what is coming out from declassified documents about the illegal operations run against his Presidency, even including his 2016 campaign. He denounced the “phony witch hunts,” saying that, “we caught ’em cold. Stay tuned.” He said that there had been “spying on our campaign,” pointing out that it wasn’t just “his” campaign, but “our” campaign. They were trying to take it down, even before the fact of the election. He continued: “Then, they want to know”—and he mimicked a sniveling whine—“Will you agree to an orderly transition?” He loudly repeated, “We caught ’em cold.” And that “Obama and Biden knew everything that was happening.... We got to get ’em.”

On other topics, he made special reference to Florida in several regards, including that “It was from Florida that we landed our astronauts on the Moon.” He had included in his list of accomplishments (of all kinds) that he had “brought back NASA.” And then, in giving a final list of pledges, in drawing toward conclusion, he said that we are committed to having the first woman on the Moon, and first astronaut on Mars.

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