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Iran: UN Sanctions Have Ended

Oct. 18, 2020 (EIRNS)—It’s official. Notwithstanding whatever Mike Pompeo and Elliott Abrams might say, the UN arms embargo on Iran expired at midnight last night.

“As of today, all restrictions on the transfer of arms, related activities and financial services to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and all prohibitions regarding the entry into or transit through territories of the United Nations Member States previously imposed on a number of Iranian citizens and military officials, are all automatically terminated,”

the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued this morning.

The statement observes that the end of the embargo is automatic, as provided for in UNSC 2231, not requiring any action by the UNSC, and that the same applies to restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in 2023 and the final resolution of the nuclear issue in 2025. “Therefore, as of today, the Islamic Republic of Iran may procure any necessary arms and equipment from any source without any legal restrictions and solely based on its defensive needs, and may also export defensive armaments based on its own policies,” the statement says.

The statement concludes with a call on the U.S. to “abandon its destructive approach vis-a-vis Resolution 2231; return to full compliance with its commitments under the United Nations Charter; stop violating international law and ignoring international order, and cease further destabilization in the West Asia region.”

“A momentous day for the international community, which—in defiance of malign U.S. efforts—has protected UNSC Res. 2231 and JCPOA. Today’s normalization of Iran’s defense cooperation with the world is a win for the cause of multilateralism and peace and security in our region,” Zarif declared in a Twitter posting.

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