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Trump Retweet: California Election Integrity Project Says 440,000 ‘Questionable’ Ballots Mailed Out

Oct. 21, 2020 (EIRNS)—On Wednesday, President Donald Trump retweeted an announcement by the California branch of the Election Integrity Project (EIPCa). The EIPCa reported on Oct. 19 that they had sent the California Secretary of State a list of 439,777 questionable ballots, which have already been mailed out. Of these, 416,633 were people who registered before the 2008 election but had not re-registered or voted since that time. Do they still live at the address to which their ballots were mailed? Who knows? Over 160,000 of this number had never voted, and 10,000 had not voted in 20 years or longer. Over 3,000 were likely dead (their names matched California death notices). Some 20,000 appeared to be people who had registered two or more times, and could therefore have received (and in some cases, were confirmed in the past to have cast) multiple ballots.

The process for rejecting a ballot due to a signature mismatch has been made more difficult:

“(i) Only a signature possessing multiple, significant, and obvious differing characteristics with all signatures in the voter’s registration record will be subject to additional review by the elections official. (j) A signature that the initial reviewer identifies as possessing multiple, significant, and obvious distinctive differing characteristics from the signature(s) in the voter’s registration record shall only be rejected if two different elections officials unanimously find beyond a reasonable doubt that the signature differs in multiple, significant, and obvious respects from all signatures in the voter’s registration record.”

Could widespread voting by mail work in the United States? Yes. But can it be done reliably at the drop of a hat? No. Two examples: A lack of standardization among the various registrars means that registering in a new jurisdiction might not lead to becoming un-registered in the old one. The lack of a national death registry connected to the voter rolls means that ballots possibly numbering in the millions are being sent to deceased people all across the country. And the social media monopolies are restricting the ability even to discuss matters such as these.

Trump’s retweet included his commentary: “Happening all over USA. No wonder California is never in play for Republicans. Rigged Election!”

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