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Censorship: New York Post Still Locked Out of Twitter, Wikipedia Covers Up ‘Laptop from Hell’

Oct. 21, 2020 (EIRNS)—If you look at the New York Post’s Twitter, you’ll see that there are no tweets since Oct. 14. That’s because Twitter locked the account of the newspaper (originally founded by Alexander Hamilton) on the basis that it was publishing “hacked materials.” Twitter deleted the Post’s tweets to its stories about Hunter Biden’s communications stored on a computer he left at a repair shop, and prohibited anyone on Twitter from linking to the story, or even sending it via direct message to their friends.

Although Twitter eventually relented, the Post still isn’t tweeting. Why? Because the Post demands that they delete the tweets that supposedly violated the policy that they are no longer enforcing. Makes sense, right? Here’s the upside-down view from Twitter in their message to the Post: “While we’ve updated the policy, we don’t change enforcement retroactively. You will still need to delete the Tweets to regain access to your account.”

Meanwhile, in a development that should surprise exactly no one, the editors of Wikipedia insist on ending their first paragraph on Hunter Biden: “He and his father have been the subjects of debunked right-wing conspiracy theories pushed by Donald Trump and his allies concerning Biden business dealings and anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.” There is discussion on the Talk page, but many of the avenues of discussion have been declared closed.

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