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Hunter Biden Nepotism Began Long Before Joe Was Veep

Oct. 21, 2020 (EIRNS)—Investigative journalist Paul Sperry wrote in RealClearInvestigations (“Joe Biden's Boosters Wrote His Prodigal Son’s Entire Resume,” Oct. 16), that Hunter Biden was benefitting from his father’s position well before the latter became Vice President. “While most of the attention on Hunter has focused on his dealings in Ukraine and China when his father was in the White House, he also cashed in on cushy jobs and sweetheart deals throughout his dad’s long Senate career, records reveal.”

Right out of college, Hunter landed a job at the Delaware-based credit card giant MBNA, which was Joe Biden’s largest contributor. Later, Senator Biden did a solid for his pals at MBNA by helping to pass the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, which made it much harder to file for personal bankruptcy, ergo, easier to collect on credit card debt. At the time the bill was passed, Hunter had moved on to work at a lobbying firm, where he was hired, according to a friend who helped him land a large contract, because he had “a very strong last name that really paid off in terms of our lobbying efforts.” Meanwhile, he was still receiving payments from MBNA for “consulting.”

To give one more example, Sperry reports: “In 2007, Hunter also dined with a private prison lobbyist who had business before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee Joe Biden chaired, according to published reports. Senate rules bar members or their staff from having contact with family members who are lobbyists seeking to influence legislation.”

Hunter moved through a series of law firms and investment institutions before joining Burisma while his father was serving as Vice President.

Sperry offers his understated analysis: “The more than two-decades-long pattern of nepotism casts fresh doubt on Joe Biden’s recent statements that he ‘never discussed’ business with his son, and that his activities posed ‘no conflicts of interest.’ ”

Will those august members of the fourth estate and the intelligence community suggest that Russia actually got these jobs for Hunter, to hurt his father decades later?

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