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U.S. Farm Leader Argues To Mobilize Food Delivery To Fight Starvation in Africa

Oct. 26, 2020 (EIRNS)—Mount Vernon, South Dakota cattle rancher, well-known LaRouche organizer who addressed the Sept. 5-6 Schiller Institute conference, and former Congressional candidate Ron Wieczorek wrote the following letter to the Mitchell Republic, published on Oct. 24:

I make this urgent appeal as an American farmer on behalf of all those in Africa who are now starving or who will soon face starvation.

Thanks to a combination of deliberately enforced underdevelopment by the neocolonial British Empire, acting through its financial power in the City of London and Wall Street that is now intersecting a global pandemic, a locust plague and other natural disasters—all affecting food production on the African continent—scores of millions are already starving, while millions more will starve unless food is made available to them right away.

Relief agencies and charitable organizations have sounded alarm bells and appealed for money, but given the lack of infrastructure on the continent and the fact that much of this starvation is occurring in isolated rural areas, the quantities of food and the scope of distribution that must take place is well beyond the means of local governments and those relief agencies.

I appeal directly to President Donald Trump.

Take up this challenge. You can do this. Help America’s farmers by giving them the opportunity to do good. Pay us parity prices for our meats and grains and fruits and vegetables that we have produced beyond the needs of the domestic market, so that we may survive to continue producing. Deploy the vast resources of the U.S. military to take this food directly to those in need and so save their lives. Do this, in the spirit of your wife, the gracious First Lady Melania, who pledged to help Africa, especially its children, when she visited the continent in October 2018. By emergency executive action, take whatever steps are necessary to make this happen, before the election. It will secure your victory.

Let our allies and adversaries alike join us in this mission of mercy, welcome them, summit with their leaders to coordinate bringing all African nations up to modern infrastructural and industrial standards. America can save these lives. We did it once before, when we got food to starving Europeans in 1945: the CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) program.

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