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Trump Barnstorms in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, as Sleepy Joe Inspires Micro-Crowds To Snore

Oct. 27, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump continued his energetic campaign barnstorming across battleground states, with lively rallies today in Lansing, Michigan; West Salem, Wisconsin; and Omaha, Nebraska. The enthusiastic crowds stand in stark contrast to the “micro” crowds gathered to listen to Sleepy Joe Biden, who boldly ventured across the border yesterday from Delaware into Chester, Pennsylvania—the state in which Trump held three large rallies in one day—and Biden had to be carefully controlled because he kept making gaffes.

At one point he couldn’t remember that his opponent is Donald Trump—not “George” as he called him (his wife had to whisper “Trump” under her breath)—and at another point, in an interview with a Texas media outlet, referred to Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, as Kamala’s “wife.” When one reporter carefully asked about Biden’s “light” schedule, Joe angrily refuted that, insisting he’s been working 12-hour days, and has plans to travel to “a lot of places.”

In Lansing, Trump emphasized that Michigan is home to the auto industry, recalling how he opened up plants that had shut down and fled to Mexico, and made a point of referring to Biden as a member of a “criminal” enterprise, which relies on “dark money donors.” He predicted that Biden is so out of it, that three weeks into his Presidency, were he to win, Kamala Harris will take over—that’s what the discussion of the 25th Amendment was all about. He repeated themes he’s often discussed—putting children back in school, ensuring that manufacturing plants continue to operate, etc. Particularly effective were the several clips put up on a large screen, from debates and elsewhere, showing Joe Biden (and Harris) saying repeatedly that he will shut down fracking and fossil fuels, and another of Bernie Sanders confronting him at an earlier debate, quoting Biden saying he intended to cut Social Security, Medicare and veterans pensions.

In West Salem, Trump emphasized that he’s not part of the Washington political establishment. He doesn’t play by their rules. “I was elected to fight for you,” he said. This link to a chart put out by the Gateway Pundit, displays all the rallies Trump has held since Labor Day, which drew half-a-million event goers, compared to about 1,000 who attended Biden events. A “rally” for Biden held in Warm Springs, Georgia today showed a massive crowd of about 40-50 people.

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