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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Continues To Make Demands on New York Post To Restore Its Account

Oct. 28, 2020 (EIRNS)—Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey justified the social media giant’s continuing to keep the New York Post locked out of its Twitter account. When the New York Post first broke stories on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell,” Twitter blocked everyone on the platform from sharing links to the stories, and locked the Post’s account, supposedly based on a policy about not sharing hacked materials. (The laptop was not hacked.)

Although Twitter relented on its policy, Dorsey demands the New York Post grovel for forgiveness, explaining: “They have to login to their account, which they can do at this minute, delete the original tweet, which fell under our original enforcement action, and they can tweet the exact same material to the exact same article and it would go through.” This plainly makes no sense.

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