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Roger Stone Writes on the Potential for a Trump Victory

Oct. 28, 2020 (EIRNS)—Roger Stone wrote a zesty article for the Daily Caller today about why he believes “the President is poised to pull yet another upset to stun the elites who so despise him.... President Trump has the odds stacked against him, but victory may in fact be at hand.”

Stone (whom the Daily Caller identifies as its “men’s fashion editor”) writes under the headline, “Here’s How Trump Could Still Pull Off a Historic Upset on Election Day,” that “If Donald Trump turns out to be the surprise winner once again this year, these will be the reasons why.” The reasons include the following:

1. Many Trump voters are shy and do not always answer pollsters honestly, due to the media barrage against him.

2. Republicans are registering more new voters than Democrats are.

3. Trump’s grass roots campaign has improved. He has over 2.5 million volunteers, more than Obama in his 2008 campaign. During one week in September, Trump volunteers knocked on over half a million doors in swing states.

4. Black voters aren’t excited about Joe Biden. Unlike Biden’s 1994 crime bill with its mandatory minimum sentencing, Trump has achieved the First Step Act and the Second Chance Act, offering real criminal justice reform.

Stone writes that “Trump is an indefatigable campaigner who actually likes people and draws strength from his massive crowds. Trump on the stump is entertaining, funny, likeable and cutting in his attacks on the Democrats. As in 2016, Donald Trump is the best thing about the Trump campaign.”

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