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NSA Whistleblower Holds Press Availability, Makes Case President Trump Can Win the Election

Oct. 28, 2020 (EIRNS)—In a panel discussion with reporters and bloggers hosted today by LaRouchePAC, former National Security Agency senior analyst J. Kirk Wiebe said that we are in the most dangerous moment in our nation’s history— the censorship now in the open to cover the Biden family corruption story is worse “than anything the Soviet Union ever did.” Wiebe outlined concretely how President Donald Trump can drain the swamp, by installing honest managers in each agency along with a “samurai” with authority to clean it out. Lawyers who had served in government would be generally disqualified.

Roger Stone joined the broadcast to outline the President’s road to victory. He said it is extremely close and the only votes truly in play are in the Black and Hispanic communities. Stone says hammering Biden/Harris racism, particularly as exemplified in the Biden 1994 Crime Bill, while stressing wholesale economic revival, empowerment, and optimism are the path to victory. Stone also reprised the treasonous elements who attacked the President over the past four years, as did Wiebe. Stone was particularly focused on Steve Bannon, the “neo-con” disguised as a populist.

The video of the availability, hosted by Dennis Speed, and with Barbara Boyd, J. Kirk Wiebe, and Roger Stone, is posted on LaRouchePAC’s YouTube channel.

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