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Black, Lifelong Democrat, Flint City Council VP Endorses Trump All the Way

Oct. 29, 2020 (EIRNS)—Speaking to a group of MAGA supporters before Mike Pence arrived for a rally last night in Flint, Michigan, City Council Vice President Maurice Davis gave a stirring endorsement of President Donald Trump’s reelection, as the way to unify the country.

“God uses whoever he wants to to bring His people out of whatever the problem has to be... President Trump is full of hate? Let me tell you something, the Democrats are full of hate.”

“I’m tired—I’ve been a Democrat, I am a Democrat all my life, 64 years. Last four years, I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year, I decided to go with President Trump. I’m not a bootlicker. I’m not an Uncle Tom. I’m none of those things. I’m somebody that’s in a poor, impoverished community.... People are in foreclosure here. People are losing everything, and when Mr. Trump said, ‘What the hell you got to lose?’ he was talking to me....

“This is what I have to gain. Instead of being the divided state of America, it’s time to be the United States of America.... We’re tired of suffering and nobody give a damn about poor folks. President Trump— they reached out, with nothing but love from y’all, all over this nation. I don’t want to hear another time, ‘I’m a Trump supporter.’ I’m an American supporter.... But I tell y’all one thing: This nation is one Nation, under God. One nation under God. Thank you all.”

A few months ago, Davis had gone after the Black Lives Matter “protests,” posting a video on Facebook declaring: “Riots, they ain’t no damn protest, they’re riots ... tearing up your own neighborhoods.”

Davis attended the Pence rally after his endorsement announcement, where Pence thanked him from the podium. This morning Trump posted Davis’s full 3 ½ minute endorsement video to his Twitter.

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