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Norm Eisen and the Voter Protection Project Is the Anti-Trump Lawyers Hit Squad

Oct. 31, 2020 (EIRNS)—In a posting today by Gateway Pundit, long-time political campaign advisor Roger Stone warns of extensive preparations by forces backing Joe Biden to conduct both vote fraud and post-election street actions modeled on the State Department’s East European “color revolutions”; Stone draws particular attention to Norm Eisen, a “theorist” of such street uprisings, “who actually wrote a manual or guidebook outlining how he was behind the same type of violent insurrection in other countries—and how he plans to use the same tactics to hijack our election next Tuesday. Eisen’s international trademark is a scenario in which insurrectionist forces engineer various contrivances to loudly contest a national election, while also mobilizing massive protests in support of seizing the election in their favor.” Eisen’s manual, published by Brookings Institution last November is The Democracy Playbook: Preventing and Reversing Democratic Backsliding.

Eisen co-chairs the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group, which calls itself a “bipartisan and transatlantic platform for discourse and coordination to address democratic backsliding in Europe,” i.e., anti-Russia. He has pulled together the broadest national “lawyers group” aiming to “protect” and expand the Democratic vote, the Voter Protection Project (VPP). Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin puffed it on Oct. 15: “VPP announced its goal is to ensure that all votes are counted with ‘a specific focus on the unique tools available to state attorneys general, as they work in partnership with governors, secretaries of state and other state officials.’ These are the officials who will play ‘a critical role in ensuring free and fair elections,’ VPP’s organizers explain in a statement.”

VPP makes a big deal of the fact that states, not the federal government, control elections and counting of votes. Also featured at the top of the VPP website is protecting mail-in votes against Trump’s charges and Republican attempts to disqualify them.

But this “state officials” promotion is a facade for anti-Trump activist lawyers. The top “state officials” on the “Bipartisan Advisory Board” of this “bipartisan” Voter Protection Project are not currently state officials and are not bipartisan. There is Democrat Jennifer Granholm, former Michigan governor; Biden-endorser Republican and Patriot Act enthusiast Tom Ridge, whose last official position was federal—head of DHS, enforcer of Patriot Act surveillance measures; never-Trumper Bill Weld, former head of the Justice Department Criminal Division and of the get-LaRouche Task Force; Democrat Christine Todd Whitman, former New Jersey governor. Most of the rest of the lawyers are former state attorneys general. The one featured on VPP’s website is Michigan’s current anti-Trump fanatic Dana Nessel; the next six are Democratic former AGs, and then finally a Republican former AG of Arizona, who used to be John McCain’s chief of staff!

Norm Eisen is formally VPP’s chief counsel. Eisen was Rep. Jerold Nadler’s chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, and must have won the Pulitzer Prize for impeachment articles against Trump, drafting ten of them before the Democrats started on impeachment. On Oct. 28, Roger Stone at a LaRouchePAC press availability described Eisen as “a dirty trickster, someone who specializes in election theft abroad, and then bolstering it with violence in the streets to try to force through regime change.” Activist lawyers always play central roles in keeping such street actions, and their leaders, going.

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