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What If Democrats Realize a Zombie Is at the Top of Their Ticket?

Oct. 31, 2020 (EIRNS)—In recent days, the FBI has: confirmed on Oct. 28 that a money-laundering investigation (i.e., a criminal probe) against Hunter Biden and business associates in 2019 was still active; interviewed former Sinohawk CEO Tony Bobulinski for five hours on Oct. 27; and has evidently confirmed to the Senate Judiciary Committee that the documents proffered by Bobulinski are genuine.

CBS News affiliate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WHP-TV Ch. 21, owned by Sinclair, reported all this on Oct. 30, including that Joe Biden may be or may have come under investigation as well—perhaps the only affiliate of a major national network to do this. However, ABC News reported on Biden family corrupt business deals on the evening of Oct. 30, for several minutes, and strongly implicating Joe Biden; the reporter was Tom Llamas. This report cannot be found on ABC News’ website Saturday morning, but was broadcast.

The question is raised, then: Will the magic curtain of the media ban on all of this, be maintained after Election Day even if Biden is declared the winner? Or will that curtain be gradually raised, bringing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 25th Amendment/impeachment game into play on behalf of Kamala “Giggles” Harris?

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