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Trump Energizes His Base in Five Cities on Sunday, Biden Bores at One

Nov. 1, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump drew crowds of thousands at his rallies across the country on Sunday, Nov. 1. They were scheduled for 11 am at Macomb, MI, 1 pm at Dubuque, IA, 5:30 pm in Hickory, NC, 8:30 pm in Rome, GA, and 11 pm in Opa-locka, Florida.

His Michigan rally focused on manufacturing, opposition to the absurd Green New Deal, continued support to hydrocarbon energy development, and his three Supreme Court Justices. He reported a Gallup poll showing that 56% of Americans feel they’re doing better today than four years ago, and stressed the pre-pandemic increase in middle class incomes of $6,500. He made fun of intermittent, unreliable, bird-killing windmills. He warned that Biden would create more useless wars. He spoke to his vision for space, for patriotic education, and for support for law enforcement.

As the snow came down at the rally, Trump referred to Pavarotti, a “diva” with “the most incredible voice,” who would leave concerts if he didn’t feel well. Trump explained: “I’ve gone to some [concerts] where it was the most incredible voice that ever lived, the greatest—Pavarotti... He liked me.” Insisting that he himself was not a “diva” and would not leave, Trump thanked the crowd for showing up in the cold. Twice during the rally, chants of “We love you!” broke out, with Trump responding, “I love you too.”

He really dug into Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell,” and the lies that it was Russian disinformation. He slammed the social media giants and the censorship they are engaged in. He praised the improved treatments for Covid-19 while decrying lockdowns.

A shortcoming of Trump’s speech was a video he played of clips from Joe Biden, showing him as too soft on China, including Biden saying such things as “China’s rise is a good thing,” a statement frankly reminiscent of Trump’s repeated campaigning on good relations among the world’s major powers and his stand that good relationships with Russia and China would be a “good thing” not a “bad thing.” He blamed China for devastating the world to their supposed mismanagement of Covid-19, repeating the lie promulgated by the great fan of the British Empire, Niall Ferguson, that China shut down domestic travel from Wuhan while allowing international flights to continue.

Overcoming the growing anti-China sentiment, created in the aftermath of Covid-19, will be a task to accomplish in the next Trump administration.

While Trump held five rallies, Joe Biden spoke at two events in one city, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the day after Trump held four rallies in that state. Kamala Harris was in Georgia and North Carolina. It is reported that teleprompters and camera operators showed up in force to help Joe get his lines right. On Saturday, Oct. 31, Joe Biden brought Barack Obama with him to Detroit, where the two of them were able to amass only a couple hundred people, and Obama’s mic went out. Obama glared as though he wished he could drone someone to vent his frustration.

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