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Anarchists Preparing Mass Violence To Start Tuesday

Nov. 2, 2020 (EIRNS)—The anarchist organizations which were created and deployed as “phase three” of the British and U.S. intelligence services’ coup attempt against President Donald Trump, have prepared for extreme violence to begin on Election Day. “Shut Down DC,” the Antifa-Black Lives Matter creation in the nation’s capital, issued marching orders for the next week on their website. Trump is described as the most evil entity in history (including his evil promotion of the “fossil fuel economy”), while the site asserts that Trump is going to lose the election but will claim that he won, and “will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action.”

This entails: meeting at “Black Lives Matter Plaza” (16th St. next to the White House) where the Democratic city government painted “Black Lives Matter” on the street) where there will be “GoGo bands, salsa dancers” and other Roman Circus bacchanal, with lots of drugs, in preparation for action, to “step off to disrupt business as usual for some of the institutions that are most complicit in Trump’s attack on Democracy. We’re going to put Trump’s enablers on notice: We hold you accountable for facilitating Trump’s historic attacks on democracy.”

The plan is to target the White House on Thursday: “A combination of cars, bikes, and on-foot demonstrators will jam traffic around and block access to the White House.” Patrick Goodenough on CNSNews, reported today that one featured organizer, Patrick Young, on a leaked Zoom meeting, said: “On the 5th, we’re going to shut down the White House; on the 6th, we’re going to shut down larger parts of Washington D.C.” A march is being planned for Saturday, Nov. 7, by “all the mainstream groups,” armed with the addresses of the pro-Trump organizations.

The website reports that the Congress is scheduled to return to D.C. on Nov. 8. “We’ll meet them at the train station or the airports or if they drive into town we can meet them at their homes.” “There’s no time for business as usual.”

“We are going to be in a crisis, but we want it to be one that we are creating,” said Lisa Fithian, an anarchist who was involved in the Antifa operation against the WTO in 1999, on the Zoom meeting video. “So we’re talking about, what would it take to surround the White House, and have people do stuff? We have to be willing to put our bodies on the line and take on some discomfort, sacrifice, risk, in order to change things.... I think we don’t have a lot of experience taking over government buildings,” she says. “We might need to think about that.”

Another group, crimethinc.com, reports that, in addition to street actions in Portland, Denver, Chicago, and Raleigh, that some trade unions have called for a general strike “if Trump attempts to steal the election.” The site names the Rochester AFL-CIO Labor Council, the Western Mass Labor Federation, the MLK Labor Council, and unions in Seattle (this is not confirmed by EIR), pointing out that “our own values and political objectives may differ from the leadership of these unions,” but add that this potential confluence “indicates the scale of disruption that could occur.” It adds that “unless unaffiliated rebels [i.e., themselves] immediately take action, nothing will happen at all.”

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