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The Atlantic Lies ‘Trump Could Attempt a Coup,’ So Biden Legal Team Will Act

Nov. 3, 2020 (EIRNS)—On Nov. 2, the eve of the election, The Atlantic carried an article outlining how the Biden Democrats are prepared to counter the prospect of an imputed election coup by President Donald Trump. Atlantic Media’s Defense One is the infamous journal that in August, ran the open letter from two rogue U.S. ex-colonels, demanding that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley be prepared to militarily oust Trump, in case and when Trump tries to make an election coup.

The Atlantic, which goes back to the 19th century, has been owned in recent years by Silicon Valley billionaire heiress Lauren Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder, Steve Jobs. She is directly hooked into Kamala Harris, and the whole network.

The article is headlined, “How Trump Could Attempt a Coup—The Biden Team Is Preparing for the Worst. Here Are Three Possible Scenarios,” written by Barton Gellman, the staff writer, who in September, wrote that Trump will attempt a coup in the elections.

The article describes the Silicon Valley/Democratic preparations for today’s elections:

“A special working group of high-powered lawyers led by three former solicitors general—Walter Dellinger; Donald B. Verrilli Jr.; and a recent addition, Seth Waxman—has overseen a massive planning exercise for rapid responses to dozens of scenarios in which Trump tries to interfere with the normal functioning of the election. Thousands of pages of legal analysis, according to an authoritative campaign source, have been boiled down into ‘template pleadings’ for at least 49 pre-drafted emergency motions in state or federal court. The campaign will be ready on an hour’s notice to file for a temporary restraining order in any case it has thus far been able to anticipate.”

The article cites three main scenarios, which Gellman says Trump may pursue: “1. Sending the Troops.” This is asserted as a contingency if President Trump declares an emergency and sends in forces, in case there are fights or other incidents at the polls.

“2. Intercepting the Mail.” He asserts this as a danger from Trump forces, if they contest continuing receiving ballots after Nov. 3.

“3. The Law Enforcement Option.” This is mooted as a contingency Trump could use, to simply assert there is vote fraud, then give the order to some branch of law enforcement, to intervene against Biden in the election. Gellman dilates on whether Trump subordinates would obey him or not.

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