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Color-Revolution Gangs Mobilized To Fight ‘Trump’s Coup’ and ‘Defend Democracy’

Nov. 3, 2020 (EIRNS)—Among the collection of violent anarchists, Black Lives Matter, and other such specimens from the global Project Democracy apparatus, there are the overt promoters of a color revolution for the United States, operating from the playbook of color revolution mastermind Gene Sharp, under the guise of “defending democracy” from the “coup” that Donald Trump is alleged to be planning for today’s elections. Breitbart Nov. 2 has a lengthy profile of an outfit called Choose Democracy, which is planning a “massive response” to the so-called coup. See “Top Coup Experts Training Left with Revolutionary Tactics Ahead of Election”:

Choose Democracy provides training and links to external workshops “to learn how you can be ready in the event of a coup.” The main workshop leader is George Lakey, a protégé and friend of Gene Sharp’s, who co-founded and led “Training for Change,” which trained activists from all over the world in tactics “for overthrowing despotic regimes.” In its own guide, “Hold the Line: A Guide to Defending Democracy,” Choose Democracy tells people what action to take to ensure a successful election, while accusing Trump of sowing chaos. One of the four sections of the guide recommending actions to be taken, explains “how other societies have toppled rulers as a model for the U.S.”

The guide recommends the Transition Integrity Project’s report, and in another section, entitled “Strategies to Respond,” it tells readers to seek powerful examples from beyond the U.S. as to how “to defeat election fraud, coups and violent autocrats. We can learn from these experiences and our own history,” it states, going on to list examples of how to successfully execute widespread resistance.

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