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British Deeply Concerned That ‘Trumpism Lives On’

Nov. 5, 2020 (EIRNS)—Even as they heavily deploy their American foot-soldiers to try to steal the Presidential election from Donald Trump, the British are expressing their grave concern that they have a deeper problem which is not going away. As David Smith, the D.C. correspondent for the London Guardian wrote yesterday: “Regardless of the U.S. presidential election outcome, Trumpism lives on.”

Smith’s piece serves as a frank admission that there is a broad, nationalist movement that Trump has mobilized which, despite everything thrown against it, remains aggressively anti-Establishment. The article begins by admitting that the Democratic (and British) hopes of an early sweep, as the polls were “predicting,” were dashed at the outset. They had hoped that this “would result in a quick, clean and overwhelming repudiation of the 45th President.... But on another miserable night for pollsters, it did not turn out that way. Trump proved resilient and increased his vote in Florida, Texas and other states. He found even more white working-class voters than last time and chipped away at Democratic support among Latinos. His cult-of-personality campaign rallies were as enthusiastic and rambunctious as ever.”

Smith warns his readers that the vote count and legal challenges are still underway, and what this means is that “Now, if Trump wins the election, Trumpism wins. But if Trump loses the election, Trumpism wins too.” The Republicans did well in the House and the Senate, which means that Trump’s influence there will prevail. “The message to other Republican aspirants is clear. This is Trump’s party now.... Now, indeed, the party is clearly committed to his strain of raw populist nationalism, overthrowing the old consensus on trade, immigration and other issues.”

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