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Did the GOP Really Win Everywhere Except the White House?

Nov. 6, 2020 (EIRNS)—Buoyed by lying polls and the near-total support of the nation’s legacy media and intelligence agencies, the Democratic Party expected enormous gains in the 2020 elections, looking forward not only to taking the White House but also to pick up over a dozen seats in the House, take control of the Senate, and pick up seats in state legislatures across the country. The reality was quite different!

Despite burning through enormous piles of cash, the Democrats have, as of Friday afternoon, lost five seats in the House and have not succeeded in taking the Senate. For example, the challengers to Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham spent a combined $199 million in their unsuccessful efforts to defeat them.

On a state level, so far only one governorship has changed parties: Montana will now have a Republican governor. Democrats had hoped to take control of state legislative chambers in Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. While the votes have not come in conclusively in Arizona, the Democrats failed in their other objectives. In fact, only two chambers have definitely switched—the Republicans have taken control of the New Hampshire assembly and senate. That is, so far there has been a loss of legislative chambers and governorships for the Democrats. The Democratic State House Speakers in Vermont and Rhode Island lost their elections to Republican challengers.

Could the Republican Party achieve victories in all of these areas, while Trump, who has redefined the party itself, appears to be officially, gradually losing to Joe Biden? What’s going on?

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