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Anti-Trump Coup Plotter Admits ‘We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet’

Nov. 8, 2020 (EIRNS)—Georgetown Law Prof. Rosa Brooks led a table-top exercise in June in which heads of think-tanks, military-industrial complex types, academics, Democratic officials and Lincoln Project “Republicans” gamed out scenarios for forcing President Donald Trump out of office. The war game was so widely covered and its conclusion repeated so often—only a Biden landslide will have a peaceful aftermath—that it became a dominant news media line. Brooks, who back in 2017 also initiated think-tank discussion of a possible military coup against Trump, coined the name “Transition Integrity Project for a short-term project launched to conduct four scenario-based exercises aimed at identifying potential risks to the integrity of the 2020 election and transition process. TIP’s war games involved an overlapping mix of NGOs, magazines and think-tanks linked to NATO and to “color revolution” theorists such as Norman Eisen. Brooks’ war game began the process of drumming into the public, through obedient national media, that President Trump might appear to have won re-election on Nov. 3, but mail-in ballots “counted” later would reverse that outcome.

Brooks was given a full-page op-ed in the Washington Post on Nov. 8 to update the plot. “We Knew Trump Would Cry ‘Fraud’—That’s Why It Failed” was the triumphant headline put on by the Post. Brooks’ claim of success is pretty much limited to having gotten Congressional Republicans, and Fox News (which she repeated several times), not to back the President’s alarms about mass mail-in voting before Election Day, and to oppose his taking legal action against fraud and election-stealing now.

But Brooks concludes, “We’re not out of the woods yet,” and brings out a straw man for the popular upsurge she’s really worried about: “The right-wing extremists Trump emboldened won’t vanish overnight. But if mainstream news media, Fox and top GOP leaders acknowledge a Biden win....” Here the professor does not know whereof she speaks, nor what the coup faction faces.

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