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Brennan Insists on Immediate Ouster of President Trump

Nov. 10, 2020 (EIRNS)—John Brennan, whose vast career in intelligence has brought him full circle from being Obama’s Director of Central Intelligence to his current role as analyst at MSNBC, spoke out on Monday night to denounce Trump’s decision to fire Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense. According to Brennan, who seems to have forgotten that it was Trump who won the election, Esper had the courage to “stand up to Donald Trump, repeatedly,” probably especially when Trump was trying to end wars.

During his CNN appearance, Brennan fretted that Trump might also oust CIA Director and confirmed torturer Gina Haspel or FBI Director Christopher “What Antifa?” Wray.

Raising the concern that Trump might release military information that would be dangerous for the country, John “The walls are closing in” Brennan said that “if Vice-President Pence and the Cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and pushing Donald Trump out.”

He faulted Attorney General Barr for “doing Trump’s bidding” and said that Barr’s backing for investigations into voting irregularities was “unprecedented.”

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