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Willy Wimmer Writes That Trump Fired Esper To Prevent a U.S. Military Coup

Nov. 11, 2020 (EIRNS)—In a piece for Sputnik Deutschland, former Parliamentary Secretary in the German Defense Ministry Willy Wimmer wrote that “it is clear why President Trump pulled the ripcord. The Pentagon is rehearsing the uprising against the country’s political leadership, President-elect Trump.” Remember, Wimmer said, that Trump was elected because he promised to pull troops out of Afghanistan, Syria, and Africa, as well as Germany. “Americans did not want to see their sons and daughters come back in coffins from Obama’s and Biden’s wars any more.”

“Against that, the U.S. military rehearses a rebellion. They do not want to see the ‘license to make war’ be taken away from them. But Trump does not want his legacy to be taken away, as the firing of Mr. Esper shows.”

This “arbitrariness” of the U.S. military against the political leadership, he said, has a precedent: When George H.W. Bush promised Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would be turned into a consultative body with participation of the Soviet Union as a full member. Bush was undercut by Paul Wolfowitz in the Pentagon (under then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney), who turned the President’s intention into its opposite.

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