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Fake and Un-Rigorous Election Fraud Reports Muddy the Waters

Nov. 12, 2020 (EIRNS)—The Trump campaign’s efforts to uncover evidence of voting fraud are continuing, with additional affidavits being filed today. But the campaign has also been receiving prank calls and false allegations designed to muddy the waters and cast doubt on the case for vote fraud.

One example is a video of a young man supposedly working as an election official, who rips up a ballot marked for Joe Biden. It was a prank, but had been retweeted by Rudy Giuliani.

A top-trending post on https://thedonald.win/ pointed to stolen votes determined by analyzing voting data. It uses Edison data scraped from the New York Times site, to look at the number of votes for Biden and Trump in each state as the counting took place. But the initial analysis looked only at the number of votes that Trump appeared to have lost. When Biden’s losses are also included, the conclusion is significantly weakened. Also, the underlying data are reported as percentages with too few significant figures to accurately back-calculate the exact number of votes for Biden and Trump throughout the counting. The inaccurate vote numbers create the appearance of lost votes as an artifact of the calculation. Sidney Powell tweeted the post.

Then there are the analyses that look at down-ballot voting to compare the outcome for Trump versus that expected for the overall “redness” of the precinct. The analysis might be right, but it depends on an assumption about down-ballot voting that would need to be compared against past election data to be anything close to conclusive.

More promising are the people coming forward to provide affidavits attesting to vote fraud that they witnessed, whether at the polls, the counting centers, or the postal system, and investigations into the theft of voting-related computer equipment and USB drives in Philadelphia in October.

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