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Atlantic Council Frets Trump’s Strength in Election Threatens a Worldwide Return to ‘Old Order’

Nov. 15, 2020 (EIRNS)—Anglophile NATO think-tank Atlantic Council President Frederick Kempe laid out his angst over the global implications of the results of the U.S. elections in a Nov. 14 op-ed on CNBC, despite his assumption that Biden’s election is a done deal.

Because Trump is going to be the most significant force in the Republican Party, he will be “a continued international rallying point for populist and nationalist politicians around the world. The failure of a host of such leaders globally to recognize President-elect Biden’s victory underscores this reality,” he wrote.

Who makes up the “host” of these international deplorables? He names only Russia’s Putin, Mexico’s López Obrador, and Brazil’s Bolsonaro, but he is also worried that even “the most hopeful of allies” looking to Biden to restore the old way of doing things are “hedging their bets,” creating divisions which “adversaries” of this old order may take advantage.

“Should President Trump and Trumpism remain as a central factor in American politics, even in opposition, that will have global consequences. Trump challenged party orthodoxy on alliances, on the use of American power, on democracy promotion, on cooperative trade policy with democratic partners,” etc., Kempe warns; Biden’s team “must slay the Trump dragon,” if it expects to get anything done. Kempe’s musings on how to do so are unimpressive, to say the least.

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