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Chinese Seek To Know Whether Wuhan Disease Started with Imported Frozen Fish

Nov. 16, 2020 (EIRNS)—Over the past several months, ten Chinese cities have found COVID-19 on both the outer and inner packaging of imported frozen fish. Because they had earlier set up a process of checking and disinfecting all imported fish, none of the cities experienced a serious outbreak of the disease.

The discovery published this month by Italian scientists, and reported in this issue of EIR Daily Alert, of evidence of coronavirus infections in September 2019, if confirmed, set some Chinese scientists to investigate whether the original infections in Wuhan may have been imported to the fish market where the first cases appeared.

Global Times reports: “The Huanan seafood market in Wuhan also had a number of shops selling imported frozen food, such as king crabs, surf clams, and meat from Brazil and Germany, the Global Times found. The June Beijing outbreak also started from a market that sells not only vegetables and meat, but also imported frozen food.”

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