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Trump’s Legal Team’s Press Conference Shows ‘a Path to Victory’

Nov. 19, 2020 (EIRNS)—The President’s legal team battling to overturn the theft of the election, headed by Rudy Giuliani, held a press conference today at the Republican National Committee (RNC) and showed they have a path to victory—a narrow one, but paved with solid evidence. They are, as Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis said, only at the opening arguments in their case, proffering the plentiful evidence they have. Giuliani stated it this way: “The American people elected Donald Trump. They didn’t elect Joe Biden. Give us a chance to prove it in court, and we will.”

Giuliani’s part of the battle presentation—and he waged aggressive battle with the journalists present throughout—was a complete discrediting of mass mail-in voting, which bipartisan leaders since President Jimmy Carter and Justice David Souter have warned against for decades as conducive to fraudulent elections, local, state and national. It should never be used in this way again, Giuliani said—he and attorney Sidney Powell stressed that they were fighting to take back the constitutionality of American elections, for the future as well as for Donald Trump.

The evidence Giuliani presented seemed to dent and/or infuriate even the hardened fabricators assembled at RNC headquarters as press; some asked questions about specific evidence, as he had dared them to do. “You can say these affidavits could be false, Joe Biden’s lawyers can cross-examine them—but you can’t keep saying, as you all do say, that we have no evidence; you’re lying to the public,” he had said.

Start with a total of more than 1,000 affidavits across five hotly contested states, and others. Some 220 sworn affidavits in the Michigan case alone, attesting to orders to back-date ballots, have cart-loads of ballots brought in at 4:00 a.m. Nov. 4 marked only with Joe Biden votes, no down-ballot votes, etc. Jesse Jacob, a long-time election worker in Detroit, swore to receiving instructions to commit just about every facilitation of mail-ballot fraud imaginable. Affidavits attested to 150% to 350% over-votes (more ballots than voters) in Wayne County precincts—the reason the Wayne County Election Board has not certified its election.

In Wisconsin, they have found 60,000 more mail-in ballots than applications having been made for them, an open-and-shut violation of Wisconsin election law.

In the case of Philadelphia, 60 sworn affidavits of poll inspectors who could not inspect the opening of mail ballots from “pens” 60 feet away—including a few Democratic inspectors who observed this. This is the main basis for the charge of 680,000 illegal votes cast in the state as a whole. In the case of Pittsburgh, 15,000 provisional ballots at polling places cast by people who had already voted by mail according to election board records. Hundreds of sworn witnesses in Pennsylvania as a whole; also for the case of unequal treatment under law, since some in “Trump” areas of the state were denied the right to “cure” their deficient mail-in ballots while all those in the two big cities were invited in to do so.

In the case of Georgia, a lawsuit to be filed Friday, Nov. 20, with numerous affidavits on observing “double and triple voters,” out-of-state voters, and other frauds.

And more, equally substantive evidence. Giuliani summed up: “In five states, we have [proof of fraud in] more than double the number of votes necessary to overturn the election.” And he said, “This was a common scheme that came direct from the DNC, and from the candidate.”

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