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The Sordid Truth About Avril Haines, Biden’s Choice for Director of National Intelligence

Nov. 24, 2020 (EIRNS)—Joe Biden’s controllers on Monday announced that he will appoint Avril Haines to be his Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the head of the 17 intelligence agencies in the U.S. It is most important for the world to know the personal, professional, and military character of this deeply perverted person, in order to understand the world-historical necessity to stop the effort to steal the election from President Donald Trump.

As Deputy Assistant to the President and as Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs at the White House from 2010-13, one of Haines’ primary tasks was to coordinate the collaboration between Obama and his CIA chief John Brennan in the infamous “targeted drone assassination” program. EIR has long documented the Brennan-Obama scheme, meeting every week to choose from a list of suspected terrorists, including American citizens, who would be assassinated by drone that week, along with their families and whoever else was with them that day. It was Haines who made this all work, and provided the “legal” justification, in her capacity as a lawyer.

As a gushing Newsweek profile of Haines on June 23, 2013 put it:

“The initiative that has occupied most of her energy and intellect has been Obama’s effort to impose new rules and standards for targeted killings. Known in bureaucratese as the ‘presidential policy guidance,’ it was a huge undertaking that took more than a year to complete.... ‘She is probably the one person other than the President who is most singularly responsible for making that project happen,’ ”

according to Jeb Johnson, the former general counsel for the Defense Department.

“Many evenings around 9 p.m. she would end up in the basement office of John Brennan, then the President’s counterterrorism adviser, who was overseeing the initiative.”

Before facilitating the assassination program, Haines had resolved a crisis when the Congress learned that the Bush Administration had contracted, secretly, with foreign countries to set up some 600 “interrogation” centers—secret torture centers—and never reported them to Congress, as required by law. “Congress was livid,” the Newsweek report wrote. “Haines plunged in to deal with the crisis, leading a team of lawyers in attacking the backlog, a labor-intensive process that involved writing a report for each agreement. They worked around the clock for weeks, pulling multiple all-nighters to get the job done.”

Haines later strongly supported the appointment of Gina Haspel as CIA chief. Haspel has admitted that not only did she support the torture program, but that she was responsible for the destruction of the video tapes of the torture.

Haines’s yeoman service on behalf of the Obama-CIA torture and assassination programs won her the appointment in 2013 as Deputy Director of the CIA, working hand-in-hand with Brennan until 2015. She then returned to the White House as Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor. When it was discovered that Brennan had ordered the hacking of the secured computers belonging to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which was investigating the horrific crimes of the CIA torture camps, the CIA Inspector General declared that those responsible must be reprimanded, but Haines was able to override the IG, and Brennan and his hit squad got away with their crimes.

She also oversaw the Obama Administration’s response to the WikiLeaks release of the Democratic National Committee emails, and played a role in assuring that Russia was falsely blamed for a hack that never took place.

As to what kind of character would become a mass killer and a legal whore for the war party, an incident from her younger days is instructive. In the 1990s, Haines was studying physics at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. As the Baltimore Sun wrote on Nov. 23: “In the mid-1990s, tired of studying physics, she opened Adrian’s Book Cafe in Fells Point, an eclectic bookstore cafe at 714 S. Broadway, with her future husband, David Davighi....The store also held monthly readings of erotic literature.” They post a picture of Haines reading an erotic novel at the shop for her customers. Haines is quoted: “ ‘Erotica has become more prevalent because people are trying to have sex without having sex,’ Haines told the Sun at the time. ‘Others are trying to find new fantasies to make their monogamous relationships more satisfying. ... What the erotic offers is spontaneity, twists and turns. And it affects everyone.’ ” Haines’s twists and turns kill.

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