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Trump Legal Team To Present Fraud at Public Hearings in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona

Nov. 25, 2020 (EIRNS)—In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today, the Trump campaign legal team, led by the President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, participated in the first of three public hearings—to be held in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan—in which it will present detailed evidence of the election fraud committed in those states against President Donald Trump. The hearings are being organized by Republican members of those three states’ legislatures. The Pennsylvania Senate Majority Committee oversaw today’s hearing. Arizona’s hearing will take place on Nov. 30, and Michigan’s hearing on Dec. 1.

President Donald Trump was scheduled to speak in person at today’s hearing in Gettysburg, but had to cancel when Giuliani was exposed to a Trump adviser who tested positive for COVID. President Trump did deliver very combative remarks by phone, however, making clear he has no intention of conceding or giving up the fight, provoking paroxysms of hysteria among the mainstream media.

Giuliani announced that there will be witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of illegalities committed during the Nov. 3 election. Each Senator will give a five-minute opening statement, followed by testimony from witnesses who’ve filed affidavits alleging vote fraud. In his opening remarks, he recalled that 157 years ago, Gettysburg was the site of a bloody, three-day battle between Union and Confederate forces, in which the “fate of the country hung in the balance.” The values that were determined by that battle are at stake in these elections, he said. If the fraud is allowed to stand, then “we’ve lost our representative democracy.” He also slammed the unprecedented media censorship to which Trump and the campaign have been subjected. “We’ve almost lost our freedom of speech,” he said. Giuliani pointed to the same pattern of fraud and irregularities carried out in all six swing states, largely through mail-in ballots and the repression of Republican poll watchers. I

It’s noteworthy that while Pennsylvania yesterday officially certified the state’s election results in Joe Biden’s favor, today Judge Patricia McCullough of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court issued an injunction to stop the state from any further work on certification until Friday, Nov. 27 when she can hear evidence on a case filed by U.S. Rep Mike Kelly and congressional candidate Sean Parnell on the constitutionality of mail-in ballots. Although he argued that the injunction won’t affect yesterday’s appointment of electors, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said he will immediately appeal the judge’s injunction to the state Supreme Court, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported today.

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