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YouTube Bans One America News, as Democratic Senators Demand for More Censorship

Nov. 26, 2020 (EIRNS)—YouTube has suspended the pro-President Trump One America News Network (OANN) from uploading/posting new video material to YouTube for one week. This decision was handed down at a time when a cluster of cable and other news TV outlets, including OANN, Newsmax etc., are broadcasting and mobilizing Americans about the truth of the Trump Administration’s fight to serve a second term by overturning the fraud of the 2020 Presidential election.

YouTube said that the issue for its Nov. 24 banning of OANN was “for violating our Covid-19 misinformation policy,” according to YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi. But the timing suggests a lower purpose: silencing the opposition’s voice during a week in which the Trump Administration launches major challenges against the vote fraud involving British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s Smartmatic, the Dominion Voting Systems, and the polling place doctoring of ballots, all of which point to the controlling hand of the British Empire.

But four Democratic Senators sent a letter Nov. 24 to YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki—the same day YouTube imposed its ban—which demands far more draconian and wide-ranging censorship to make America safe for a global bankers’ dictatorship. Robert Menendez (NJ), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Gary Peters (MI), and Mazie Hirono (HI) state in their letter: “We write to express our deep concern regarding the proliferation of misinformation on your platform during and immediately following the 2020 elections and in light of the upcoming Georgia run-off elections. We urge you to immediately remove all election outcome misinformation and take aggressive steps to implement prohibitions, as other social media companies have done, regarding outcomes in future elections.

“In August 2020 when YouTube updated its policy regarding misinformation and manipulated media, the platform notably refused to prohibit users from posting false content on the outcome of the election or the manner in which state and local officials counted votes. As a result, the platform is now home to an ‘onslaught of videos aiming to undermine the legitimacy of the election.’ For example, one YouTube video claiming evidence of voter fraud in Michigan has more than five million views, despite any evidence of such fraud. These videos seek to undermine our democracy and cast doubt on the legitimacy of President-elect Biden’s incoming administration. Moreover, because the current president has not committed to a peaceful transition of power, misinformation and manipulated media content on your platform may fuel civil unrest.”

They demand that YouTube “commit to removing content containing false or misleading information,” and further asks ‘what steps will YouTube take to ensure that the platform is free from content that suppresses voting, incites violence, or makes false claims concerning the casting of ballots surrounding the January 2021 Georgia run-off elections?”

The British Empire orchestrators of this fraud are horrified that knowledge of their stealing the 2020 election cannot be beat out of the population. Participate in “An International Investigative Commission on Truth in Elections” at noon EST online on Nov. 28.

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