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President Trump Tells Fox News, Election Was the Greatest Fraud in the Country’s History

Nov. 29, 2020 (EIRNS)—-President Donald Trump called in to Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program on Fox TV this morning for a 45-minute segment.

In his first interview since the election, Trump sounded upbeat and combative. He began by listing the numerous irregularities during the election, such as having affidavits of people back-dating ballots, poll-watchers getting thrown out of the counting rooms, not being allowed to view ballots, and stated that “the governor of Georgia” Brian Kemp (R) has “done absolutely nothing; I’m ashamed that I endorsed him....” The President continued, “What has happened in this country, I can’t imagine has ever happened before—they stuffed the ballot boxes ... and they used COVID as the means to stuff the ballot boxes.... Joe Biden did not get 16 million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama ... did not get 14 million more votes than Hillary Clinton....”

Bartiromo then cited a satirical article from The Federalist, “5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms,” which listed a series of “magical” statistics, due to Biden’s “political acumen,” such as “winning despite losing most bellwether counties” and winning “despite Democratic losses everywhere else,” saying that this is an example of the “impossible statistics” we keep seeing around the country.

She asked, “Will you be able to prove that the computers can circumvent the controls that are in place?” and, citing the Pennsylvania court decision against Kelly et al., she asked if there will be some court victories in the near future. Trump responded that he can prove that the computers manipulated the data, and then, again citing the above article, stated that whoever won the six contested states, wins the elections, and he maintained that he won. “I see more spirit in this country right now; this country cannot have fake elections, like we have fake news.” He said that Kelly has a great case against the state law approving the mail-in ballots, and that he expects it to go before the Supreme Court.

He went on to say that the major media and news outlets of the country “are truly the enemy of the people ... very dangerous.”

When pressed for a “drop-dead date” (up to and including Inauguration Day) for pursuing the case of fraudulent elections, Trump refused to name a date, simply stating that he and his team are moving very fast. The key election dates are:

Dec. 8—States finalize elector appointments

Dec. 14—Electors cast votes in each state

Dec. 23—Vice President receives the electoral votes

Jan. 6—House & Senate count the electoral votes

Jan. 20—Inauguration Day

The President continued, “Everyone knows the election was tainted. Everyone knows that people were not allowed to vote.... We have thousands more votes—in some cases hundreds of thousands—more votes than we need in every swing state... How come there are thousands of dead people who voted?!”

He went on to attack the DOJ and FBI for being “missing in action” regarding any investigations into the fraud, or any pending prosecutions. He also indicated that he would consider a Special Prosecutor to investigate who was behind the fraud and how it was implemented.

He observed that even though Dominion was based in “a number of countries,” including Canada, not even the Canadian government would use them in its elections, and cited the Texas objections to using their machines.

Trump listed some of his accomplishments as President, and said that he could have done a lot more had he not been bogged down with fraudulent accusations—the Mueller case, Russiagate, and the impeachment—and stated that his enemies had spent $48 million trying to oust him. “And, they found nothing!”

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