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Tony Blinken/Michèle Flournoy Firm Supplying Obama Alumni To Make Up a Biden ‘Government’

Nov. 30, 2020 (EIRNS)—In its Nov. 23 issue, Politico published a detailed profile of WestExec Advisors, the consulting firm founded in 2017 by Joe Biden’s Secretary of State-designate Tony Blinken and Defense Secretary hopeful Michèle Flournoy, under the headline “The Secretive Consulting Firm That’s Become Biden’s Cabinet in Waiting.” The company, which describes itself as “a diverse group of senior national security professionals with the most recent experience at the highest levels of the U.S. government,” is in fact now “lending” a portion of its personnel—almost all of whom are alumni of the Obama Administration—to Biden, to serve in various advisory roles, if not already chosen to fill posts in what he hopes will be his presidency. And, that presidency would without doubt be “Obama-3.”

Without exception, every single one of the company’s principals, as described on its website, has held a leading post at the White House, the State Department, Treasury, National Security Agency, the CIA, National Security Council, as well as in the military—under Obama. Now, five WestExec staffers are currently on leave from the firm to help “staff Biden’s review teams for the Pentagon, the Treasury Department, the Council of Economic Advisers and other agencies,” Politico reported. A former principal is Avril Haines, Biden’s choice for Director of National Intelligence. Presumably, when Blinken and Flournoy founded the firm in 2017, they were confident that Trump would be defeated in 2020. WestExec was so prepared to “storm a new Democratic West Wing,” Politico explains, that it negotiated a clause when renting its office space that states it can break the lease “if members are called back to public service,” as reported by the American Prospect this month.

Politico points out that the firm’s website shows a map depicting West Executive Avenue, which is the secure road on White House grounds between the West Wing and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, and then brags, “it is quite literally, the road to the Situation Room, and it is the road everyone associated with WestExec Advisors has crossed many times en route to meetings of the highest national security consequences.”

As for WestExec’s secretive nature, no one knows anything about its client list; staffers aren’t lobbyists, so they don’t have to disclose whom they work for. When Flournoy was recently asked how WestExec Advisors might influence a Biden Administration, she coyly replied that the firm is not a “purely” Democratic outfit, naming two Republicans, one from the Bush Administration, one from Trump’s, who work there. She also mentioned West Exec’s work with Silicon Valley start-ups “to land contracts at the Pentagon.” Both WestExec and the Biden transition team declined to provide any additional information on the identity of the firm’s clients.

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