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Trump Campaign Legal Offensive Continues, Despite Certifications in Swing States

Dec. 1, 2020 (EIRNS)—Despite the fact that the secretaries of State of Arizona and Wisconsin yesterday certified their states’ election results in favor of Joe Biden, the Trump campaign is continuing with its legal offensive, documenting fraud, hearing witness testimony and preparing to take the battle to the Supreme Court. Hearings at the state legislatures of Pennsylvania and Arizona have concluded, and today Michigan held the first of a two-day hearing—today at the Senate and tomorrow at the House, at which President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani will speak. There will also be further hearings next week.

Today’s meeting of Michigan Senate Oversight Committee in Lansing heard GOP witnesses, working as poll watchers, voting adjudicators, and inspectors testify to all manner of illegalities committed by Democratic officials, including ballot stuffing and flagrant vote manipulation, in addition to being personally mistreated, threatened and harassed, such that they were unable to perform their duties. Several have filed affidavits. One witness today recalled Benjamin Franklin’s statement about “it’s a republic if you can keep it,” and warned that if the fraudulent election is allowed to stand, “we’re seeing our Republic slipping away from us.”

In Wisconsin today, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Joe Biden’s win there. It asks the state Supreme Court to disqualify 221,000 votes in the Democratic strongholds of Dane and Milwaukee counties, asserting they are “illegal,” CNBC reported.

A number of initiatives are underway in Arizona and Nevada. In Arizona, state Rep. Mark Finchem, who chaired yesterday’s seven-hour meeting of the Senate Majority Policy Committee, is calling for withholding the state’s Electoral College votes for Biden. “We are clawing our electoral college votes back, we will not release them,” he said. He noted that a simple majority can call the House and Senate back, “and in a day pass a resolution, and cause those electors to basically be held. And it is binding. I’ll see you in court.”

In Maricopa County, Arizona, Superior Court judge Randall Warner has agreed to allow lawyers for State GOP head Kelly Ward to compare signatures on 100 randomly-selected envelopes containing early ballots with the signatures of those same voters on file. He will then hold a hearing on Thursday where GOP attorney Jack Wilinchik said he hopes to prove there were mistakes, such that Warner could extrapolate out the error rate and declare that official results are in doubt or invalid. In that case, the State legislature would determine who got the state’s 11 electoral votes.

In Nevada, Trump tweeted last night that a judge has ordered officials in Clark County to allow inspection of “election equipment and sealed containers” used in the 2020 election. Prior to this, attorney Sidney Powell reported on Fox News’ Hannity show last night that Jesse Binnal, her former co-counsel in the Michael Flynn case, had won a discovery order in Nevada—presumably to forensically examine Dominion machines.

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