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Michigan Senate Committee Hears from Mobilized Citizens, Who Fear for the Republic’s Survival

Dec. 2, 2020 (EIRNS)—Like previous hearings held by state legislators in Pennsylvania and Arizona to investigate vote fraud, yesterday’s seven-hour hearing of the Michigan Senate’s Oversight Committee heard from a mobilized citizenry—angry and upset individuals who witnessed blatant vote fraud as they performed, or tried to perform, assigned duties at the polls on Nov. 3 and 4.

Many of those citizens had been stationed at the TCF Center in Detroit, and one after another, they articulated very specific evidence as to what they saw and how they were prevented from carrying out their duties by hostile, often belligerent Democratic Party election officials. Several witnesses have already filed affidavits documenting the arrival of truckloads of ballots in the dead of night, or ballots being run through tabulating machines many times—counted eight to ten times in one case—or batches of votes being copied to increase the vote for Biden.

Striking was the testimony of former state Sen. Patrick Colbeck who, as an IT specialist with work experience at Microsoft, NASA, and the Defense Department, was given time to present detailed technical evidence of how the electronic voting system could have been tampered with to change the vote tallies, emphasizing particularly that the chain of custody of vote tallies was clearly broken. He went on to document a number of irregularities, which he had personally witnessed while serving as a poll watcher at Detroit’s AV Counting Board. He pointed to the fact that tabulator machines appeared to be connected to the Internet—which is illegal. “Every one of those tabulator machines was connected to an ethernet cable ... what was further concerning is, I saw an ethernet cable coming from the wall, connecting into one of these routers that was connected to the local data center, which was connected to all the tabulators and adjudicators. That seemed to indicate an outside Internet connection,” he said.

From the outset, Colbeck countered the changing narrative, the latest version of which is that “there is no widespread voter fraud that could impact the result of the election.” On the contrary, he said, there is plenty of evidence. He then challenged each senator on the panel: “There are only two choices for each of you in this context: No. 1, you believe in principled, constitutional governance, and you believe the chain of custody was broken. There is significant evidence of election fraud, or—and I’m not saying this lightly—there is an attempted coup.” He cited Articles 2 and 4 of the Constitution, under which current action is justified to protect “our republican form of government.” He was pleased that most of the senators had also read the documentation submitted by attorney Sidney Powell charging rampant vote fraud in Michigan.

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