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Trump Legal Team Organizes Michigan Legislators To Assume Their Constitutional Duty

Dec. 3, 2020 (EIRNS)—Michigan state legislators, Republicans along with various supercilious or downright clownish Democrats, heard four hours of testimony presented last night by Michigan citizens on the blatant violations of election laws they had personally observed in the counting of the Nov. 3 presidential vote. In summation, Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis focused on their Constitutional responsibility as state legislators to ensure an honest counting of the votes.

You have heard the testimony of these witnesses, Giuliani told them. Holding up a large binder, he urged them to read through the hundreds of additional sworn affidavits it contains, which detail similar instances of fraud witnessed by others. Look at what you have heard and read about what transpired in Michigan, and compare it to what happened in the other states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, etc., and think about how in all these places you see the same pattern of fraud, he said. This was a concerted plan to fix the election.

It is your responsibility to oversee elections. Read the Constitution. That Constitutional mandate has been upheld at least twice in U.S. history. It takes courage to stand up for clean and fair elections. These witnesses were intimidated to stay quiet, but it is your responsibility.

To complaints from a couple of the Republican legislators about why the Trump campaign had not requested a recount of the election within the required 48 hours, Giuliani was blunt: you need forensic examinations of the machines and investigations of the frauds witnessed; a recount of early/mail-in ballots after they have been separated from their ID envelopes is a sham, running the same ballots through the same machines again to come up with the same count—as is happening in Georgia.

When Republican Rep. Beau LeFave asked Giuliani, did you come here to ask us to take the electors back for Trump, Giuliani answered: No! Your responsibility is to go through the material, look at the pattern in other states, spend the time to see for yourself what has happened, and go back into session to consider this. I am not asking you to do this. The Constitution wants you to do this.

Ellis spoke briefly after that final round of discussion with Giuliani, emphasizing their Constitutional mandate. Take the witnesses testimony and affidavits seriously, she urged. These citizens have sworn under penalty of perjury that their reports are true. That is a big deal, not something done lightly. You have been told of how Dominion Voting Systems and some election officials have ignored the laws of your state. This is not a discussion about policy or party, it is a question of whether or not fair elections take place. And the Constitution has given that responsibility to you.

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