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Trump Files New Lawsuit in Georgia To Block Certification, as Fierce Fights Continue

Dec. 4, 2020 (EIRNS)—Although the office of Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (a Republican In Name Only, or RINO) posted unofficial electoral results this morning, designating Joe Biden the winner of the state’s election with a 11,799 vote lead, President Donald Trump today filed suit in the state, seeking to block certification, charging that the electoral process was filled with “significant systemic misconduct, fraud and other irregularities.” Many “thousands of illegal votes” were cast and counted, the suit argues, and names Raffensperger and several other state officials as complicit in wrongdoing. It calls for either nullifying the results and immediately ordering a new presidential election “or, in the alternative, that such other just and equitable relief is obtained so as to comport with the Constitution of the State of Georgia.”

The reality in Georgia is that nothing is settled, despite efforts to make it appear so with the “recertification.” Yesterday the state Senate Oversight Committee and Judiciary Subcommittee held hearings, at which many witnesses testified about the irregularities they observed. The state House Government Affairs Committee has also announced it will hold a hearing Dec. 10 to continue to examine the election system, especially in light of the Jan. 5 runoff for the U.S. Senate. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani spoke at the Judiciary hearing, during which one witness showed the explosive surveillance video taken at the State Farm Arena voting center in Fulton County (Atlanta). The witness reported that some workers were told to leave, after which the remaining workers allegedly pulled out suitcases stored from underneath a table—covered by a black tablecloth—and then ran ballots through the machines.

Commentary heard from some of the Senators present: “We’ve got a mess on our hands.... Democracy is dependent on being able to trust the outcome of the elections.... There’s a world of work to be done.... It was exceedingly difficult to put these hearings together.”

Today there was much scrambling at the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections to debunk the video’s allegations of fraud. The board in fact voted to recertify the results of the election in favor of Joe Biden but by a narrow margin of 3-2. Gabriel Sterling, Raffensperger’s voting implementation manager, loudly proclaimed that these allegations of fraud had “already” been investigated and had proved nothing. He also claimed that Fulton County election officials had a designated observer at that location for the entire time on election night, and that there were no suitcases stuffed with ballots, but only official “cases” in which ballots were supposed to be kept. He tweeted that “The 90 second video of election workers at State Farm arena, purporting to show fraud was watched in its entirety (hours) by @GaSecofState investigators. Shows normal ballot processing. Here is the fact check on it.” The fact check he included in his tweet is a report from “Lead Stories” fact-checking site, which states nothing more than that “Two high-level officials with the Georgia secretary of state’s office and a state elections board monitor each told Lead Stories that their investigations revealed nothing suspicious in the video.”

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