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Georgia Governor Kemp: Must Have Signature Audit

Dec. 5, 2020 (EIRNS)—Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, although he has been criticized by President Donald Trump for not doing enough about the election fraud in his state, told the Wall Street Journal yesterday that the evidence of fraud is extensive, and called again for a “signature audit” of the mail-in ballots.

“I have seen some things that led me to have concern,” Governor Kemp said, “which is why I have asked for the signature audit three different times now. That being said, that’s why we had these processes to investigate and have this evidence come out. And also there is a legal process to bring that into the court of law where they can weigh in on any potential conflicts.”

The Governor appears to lack the power, or the will, to counter the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has refused to allow a signature audit, claiming that it was “done the first time.” It is now clear from eye-witnesses and surveillance videos that the tens of thousands of ballots were entered while the observers were falsely removed from the premises.

Asked why Kemp had not “asked Raffensperger to resign” as the two Republican candidates in the upcoming Senate run-off races had requested, Kemp said: “He was elected statewide by the people of this state, and I have great respect for that. I haven’t called for his resignation. But I have given him a few ideas that I thought were reasonable and I hope he’ll take me up on those.”

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