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President Trump Rally in Valdosta, Georgia Throws Light on Election Fix

Dec. 6, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump and Melania Trump held a large rally in Valdosta, Georgia Saturday night, Dec. 5, demonstrating fighting spirit while throwing out many statistical facts which raise questions about the results claimed in Georgia and nationally.

Linking his fight in in the state to his “Warp Speed” vaccine crash program, Trump said, “We won Georgia. We are fighting very hard for this state. When you look at the corruption and problems with this election, all I can do is convey [that] vaccines are on the way, at a level nobody thought possible.” Trump said that Warp Speed took a process that normally takes five-years, and “We got a vaccine in seven months. ... Some incredible work has been done over the last seven months. And we should always get credit for that. Don’t let anyone ever take that away from us.”

The President emphasized that both Republican U.S. Senate seats in Georgia are at stake, and that the two Republicans from Georgia would be decisive on many issues, and every piece of legislation. Trump pointed out that “early voting” started in Georgia in December, 2019. “They cheated and rigged the presidential election, but we will still win it. We’ll be going to the Supreme Court shortly. ... I got 11 million more votes this year than I did in 2016. No way this [Democratic] gain could have happened except through a rigged election. But we will still win it.”

Trump emphasized that the Republicans lost very few seats in the sitting Congress. He came back to the fact that voting started in Fall 2019, and that vote was expanded in every way possible; starting early, mail ballots given out freely, and other practices described in the link below to Trump’s extensive speech to supporters in Georgia on Dec. 5 on how the fraudulent result was achieved.

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