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Paranoid Pompeo Doubles Down on Drive for ‘Irreversible’ Isolation of China

Dec. 9, 2020 (EIRNS)—Secretary of State “Messianic” Mike Pompeo’s drive against China is taking on the character of a religious war. He announced two days ago that the subject of his speech today at Georgia Tech would be “the fact that in America’s research educational institutions today, the Chinese Communist Party is aiming to lobby, to influence, and to steal.... I want to talk about their infiltration at those universities, the things those schools ought to do and indeed must do to protect not only their students but their data,” in an interview on the Guy Benson Show. Being Pompeo, he clothed his demands that normal relationships between Chinese and American scholars and educational institutions be cut in the name of “defending U.S. national security and academic freedom.”

His speech, delivered today, sounded a paranoid note from the start, with its title of “The Chinese Communist Party on the American Campus.”

Yesterday, this delusional Joe McCarthy had bragged to members of the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in a teleconference that his past few years of personal crusading had succeeded in “build[ing] alliances around the world so that the West can continue winning” against China “The whole world can see what the Chinese Communist Party has wrought”; “dozens and dozens” of countries and companies around the world now view the Belt and Road Initiative and the China 2050 development program as a threat, he claimed. He agreed with host Matt Murphy’s proposition that the bipartisan perception of China as a threat in the United States has become “irreversible,” adding that it is “now the world’s duty is to respond” to Chinese “thieving and stealing.”

Pompeo notably threw in an outright racialist coloration to his war on China, telling the CEOs on the line that they had to decide between living under the “rule of law, property rights, and freedom,” or under “the Eastern model, the Eastern model which says we’re going to have a state-centralized, subsidized, authoritarian regime dictate the global order for the next 50 years?”

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