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Thousands Rally in Washington, D.C. To ‘Stop the Steal’

Dec. 13, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump flew in his helicopter over the huge protest rally gathered around the Supreme Court on Saturday, Dec. 12, under the theme of “Stop the Steal.” He was on the way to West Point for the Army-Navy game. Gen. Michael Flynn, recently pardoned by Trump, was speaking from the stage at the time. In the rally two weeks ago, the President drove by the marchers in his convoy.

Flynn told the rally:

“There are paths that are still in play.... Everybody just needs to take a deep breath: I mean, if there’s a guy that could be vindictive, or could be hateful or scornful, you’re lookin’ at him! And I’m not; because this is not about me, it’s not about my family, although family is a major component of who we are, this is about our faith; this is about our faith in each other; this is about our Constitution and the fabric of our Constitution....

“The Founding Fathers were really brilliant, and they said, we know that there’s going to be corruption right here, inside the Walls of Jericho [D.C.]; they knew it, so they created something where the states had responsibility, the people closest to ‘we the people’ were the state’s legislators. That’s super important—if you don’t understand that? Then, walk away from here and make sure that you echo that message back to your hometowns. You’ve got to do that. We cannot accept what we are going through as right.... It’s a crucible moment in the history of America.”

While the rally was spirited and peaceful, the MSM, as expected, focused on the fact that anarchists on both sides got into fights at night. If the people attending the rallies, and those who support them around the country, would watch the opening panel of the Schiller Institute Conference on Saturday, under the title “ ‘Hang Together, or Hang Separately’: Free and Sovereign Republics, or Digital Dictatorship?” they would gain more confidence that the U.S. republic can be restored, by bringing the entire world together to address the crisis of civilization in all its facets.

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