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Hidden Scandals Are Emerging Now, as Seth Rich Story Returns

Dec. 13, 2020 (EIRNS)— In the second week of December, even as virtually every sworn statement, videotape and legislative hearing about fraud during the Presidential election is being strictly blacked out by most media, other buried scandals are emerging, from earlier in the four-years’ battle between President Donald Trump and the London-Wall Street oligarchy. One such, is the sudden revelation of an FBI criminal investigation into financial dealings of Joe Biden’s son Hunter—an investigation apparently underway for at least many months, but kept secret by the Justice Department even as exposés of the same financial dealings were made by the President’s supporters and about which media would only scream it was “Russian disinformation.”

In the Schiller Institute’s opening conference panel on Saturday morning, “ ‘Hang Together, or Hang Separately’: Free and Sovereign Republics, or Digital Dictatorship?” William Binney, the former technical director of the National Security Agency who became a famous whistleblower after 30 years, reported the sudden re-emergence of another scandal. Binney—whose expert team since 2017 produced airtight proof that the DNC e-mails were not hacked in 2016 by Russians (or anyone else)—revealed important developments regarding how Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks did get those e-mails to publish.

Again, the FBI has just this week admitted to an attorney in a long-running lawsuit, the Bureau’s long impoundment and inspection of the computer of an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)—a murder victim in Washington, D.C. in 2016—who may have sent WikiLeaks those e-mails which exposed the DNC pushing Sen. Bernie Sanders out of the Presidential nomination. This after national media have spent years denouncing and suppressing any attempt to discover why this individual was then murdered.

This also brings to mind the fact that Julian Assange, at one point slightly later, offered a monetary reward from WikiLeaks to anyone who could provide information that would solve the murder of this individual.

“It just came out today,” Binney reported, “that the FBI suddenly found over 20,000 pages of information related to Seth Rich. And, they also had his computer, and on that computer, it was reported today, was evidence of him passing information, the e-mails from the DNC to WikiLeaks, asking for money for the rest of them, or something of that nature.”

And Binney observes here, “It says that the FBI has known all along, even before the inauguration of President Trump, that the information that WikiLeaks had, had nothing to do with the Russians.”

Are these scandals suddenly emerging out of years of censorship and denial because the intelligence agencies and their controllers are finally now confident that they are getting rid of President Donald Trump? They’ve made that estimation before—and been mistaken—but they have not released their secret grip on such exposed crimes.

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