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NASA Congratulates China on Chang’e-5 Mission

Dec. 17, 2020 (EIRNS)—Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s science director, tweeted a congratulatory message to China yesterday after the return of the capsule. “These samples will help reveal secrets of our Earth-Moon system and gain new insights about the history of our Solar System,” he said.

Xinhua has an excited editorial today, which likewise focuses on the role of space science in revealing the “secrets of the universe.”

“No matter how far China goes into space, it always stays true to its original target—unveiling the secrets of the universe and contributing to humanity’s peaceful use of space. The exploration is not for commercial purposes, but for international scientific research. Humanity shall explore the Moon together, as it will eventually involve large projects requiring international cooperation.

“The mission will lay an important foundation for China’s future manned lunar landing and deep space exploration. Next, China plans to explore the South Pole of the Moon for water-ice resources and is considering an initiative for joint efforts to build an international lunar research station.

“No one knows what risks Earth will face in the future, and a ‘backup planet’ is yet to be found. It might be too remote to think about problems like a doomsday crisis and interstellar migration, but it will be promising for humanity if competent and responsible countries, including China, continue to develop space technologies and promote space exploration.”

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